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Negate the Negatives

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

In our current times it is becoming more and more difficult to remain positive. There are negative people , negative news and at times, it seems, a negative world. How then do you stay positive. Here are 10 ways that can help you negate all those negatives coming in.

  1. Take a break from things/people you already know fire you up. That includes a family member or your daily dose of news.

  2. Take slow, mindful breaths. Breath in through your mouth and out through your nose at least 3 times slowly.

  3. Write about your feelings, to process them and help get your brain to release them.

  4. Exercise; a good workout, a simple stretch or walk.

  5. Reach out to supportive friends and family. Get in touch with the jokster in your bunch and set the limits-no talking about Covid and no talking about politics, lets laugh!

  6. Write down things in the day you smile at or are grateful for

  7. Watch an old comfort show, comedy or movie

  8. Acknowledge the things you have no control over and do something you do have control over; clean out 1 junk drawer, fold you towels nicely, read a book or listen to a podcast.

  9. Try to stay out of the bedroom, kitchen and off the TV

  10. Get outside, even if its cold, just dress warm and stand outside for a couple minutes. Notice the things in nature you can see or hear.

Even if you feel you are too depressed and anxious, try to do these things for a small bit; if you can only read for 10 minutes its better than not at all or if you can only can be outside 2 minutes, its better than not at all. Any form of exercise is better than none. You dont have to be a superstar and rock everything. Try one idea a day and be easy and gentle with yourself. Remember there are many things you do have control of: what you eat, the amount of effort you put forth, whether or not you judge other people, how often you say I love you, how honest you are, how many times you smile and who you associate with. Try listing everything you do have control of-you may be suprised.

When I was younger and would get obsessed about world hungar or any global issue my mother would always tell me, you are unable to solve that problem but what can you do here? Its a philosophy I still use, I can donate to the local Salvation Army, Red Cross or Community Shelter. I can make a difference to one person here. I can.

What CAN you do?

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