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Alternate Universe

It seems like we are living in an alternate universe through these times of Covid 19.

We have had a great many changes put upon us and some I don't like so much.

There seems to no longer be respecting others differences and a lot of people pushing agendas upon us.

As I sit and listen to friends I have known over 30 years it is like I don't really know them. Did I ever really know them? Have our views changed so much over the years or were we caught in a pattern of respecting each others differences to remain friends?

When did it become a bad thing to want to keep each other safe? When did it become your business how I took care of myself? To what do we owe the inability to agree to disagree? It seems like anything goes and my circle gets smaller and smaller of people I trust to have my back.

In therapy we maintain a nonjudgmental stance and try to allow our clients to find the answers to their dilemmas. But what are we to do when our clients run up against prejudices and hate? Do we validate their pain? Do we condemn the person or group that is harming them? There has to be a time where we do stand up for what is right and what is wrong.

Everyone can agree that not everyone agrees on many things. But I have never felt so scared as to speaking up as I have this past year. It just does not feel safe. I feel like I am censoring myself. It feels like we have to whisper a secret word to know who is safe to talk to and who is not. Some are obviously out there with their hate but there are others who guise it in many different shades.

I hear from so many who are being attacked by family and friends for what they are doing for themselves and their families. I don't have an answer. I believe we need to be kind to everyone and respect others even when it is difficult. We have to accept that it will be uncomfortable. We need to focus on our own needs and behaviors. Even as we may become frustrated it is important to be empathetic. This pandemic has completely transformed our lives. It seems to me people may or may not take vaccines, Covid 19 or mask wearing seriously if they have not had the experience of someone dying due to Covid or if they have no family members that are high risk. It is similar I think to ways people have misinformation when talking about suicide; unless its happened in your own

family or with someone you love there does not seem to be any empathy or factual understanding.

Hang in there and continue on the path that is best for you and your loved ones.

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